Kampung Senyum Eco Village

Kab Subang, Ciater

Kampung Senyum Eco Village

Kab Subang, Ciater

Hosted by Abah Rosyid

Entire House

4 - 8 Guests
1 Room
4 Single Bed
2 Shared Bathroom

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About the house

Located about 1h30 from the bustling town of Bandung, the Smiling Village (Kampung Senyum) offers a tropical rainforest atmosphere after you have walked the pleasant rice paddy ride to the village. Close to the accommodation, you can also discover the magnificent waterfall Cibareubeuy still kept secret from tourists. With the stay of travelers in the area, many farmers have been able to increase their income by selling food and serving quality meals. Villagers also take the opportunity to increase their ability to communicate in English and interact with visitors from around the world. Not only staying in such tropical area, you can experience many local authentic activities such as rice farming, cook and taste local dishes, learn to play a Sundanese musical instrument, and play at Cibareubeuy Waterfall with really nice host Abah Rosyid. If its needed, you can also hire a local guide to accompany you during the one-hour tracking session to the accommodation and waterfall. All the activities, rooms, and foods are worth to experience.

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Family Room
Water Heater
Mineral Water


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House Rules

  • Check In and check out time are generally around 12 to 2 pm, but it can be differs based on host's permission.
  • The house is intended for families and friends, so for couples without marriage, is not allowed to stay.
  • No pets and party.
  • More information about free activity should be discussed with host.

Meet Your Host

  • Abah Rosyid
  • Verified
  • Languages: Bahasa, English


  • Valerie

    It was actually good to eat under the authentic shelter with the rain :) Everybody really liked their day in Kampung Senyum ❤ thank you so much for the unforgettable experience :)

  • Richard

    It was a really nice expeience, I really like that!!!!

  • Sean Vermer

    We did a lot of activities. I love the Batik session and the food was amazing!