Opak Villa Wayang Jogja

Kab Sleman, Prambanan

Opak Villa Wayang Jogja

Kab Sleman, Prambanan

Hosted by Suryadi / Dewa

Entire House

8 - 10 Guests
4 Room
4 Double Bed
4 Private Bathroom

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About the house

Opak Villa offers an luxury-traditional accommodation for group travelers who are looking for a staycation place next to Prambanan (5 min walk to the temple). Besides enjoy the temple sightseeing, you can pleasantly enjoy the ambience of the authentic villa, go to Kali Opak Resto for dinner or lunch, also you can enjoy traditional Wayang+Gamelan performance in the same area. *Extra charge for activity may applied

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Family Room
Water Heater
Mineral Water


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House Rules

  • Check In and check out time are generally around 12 to 2 pm, but it can be differs based on host's permission.
  • The house is intended for families and friends, so for couples without marriage, is not allowed to stay.
  • No pets and party.
  • More information about free activity should be discussed with host.

Meet Your Host

  • Suryadi / Dewa
  • Verified
  • Languages: Bahasa, English


  • Eric

    After our meal, we were ushered across the laneway to what appeared to be a workshop making puppets for the traditional "wayang kulit" and "wayang golek". We thought we would be pressured to buy the puppets. However, that was not the intention. The restaurant staff did a short, impromptu performance of the wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance for us. It was a nice and interesting way to end what was otherwise an average lunch.

  • Flip

    Not easy to find, because it's off the main road. Well worth for making the small detour though.

  • Rachel Jennifer

    Enjoy the cool air while staying, staff are friendly, quick services rendered