Palmerah House Buah Batu

Kota Bandung, Buahbatu

Palmerah House Buah Batu

Kota Bandung, Buahbatu

Hosted by Eki

Entire House

8 - 12 Guests
4 Room
4 Double Bed
1 Shared Bathroom
2 Private Bathroom

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About the house

Palmerah House is a residential spacious house around Buah Batu (close to Metro Mall and Soekarno Hatta Street) which perfect for big families or friends of 8 guests who want to attend a special event; wedding, graduation, etc. It has two main floors with 4 double-bedrooms and private bathroom in each. More about the facility: * Spacious living room on the first floor * A TV room on the second floor * Fully equipped kitchen with basic tools, drinking water, and refrigerator * Parking for 3 cars * An extra hall at the backyard available for any special occassion (rented with separated extra charge to the accommodation) Notes: Extra charges may apply for extra guest. For more information about this house and payment, just contact us!

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Family Room
Water Heater


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House Rules

  • Check In and check out time are generally around 12 to 2 pm, but it can be differs based on host's permission.
  • The house is intended for families and friends, so for couples without marriage, is not allowed to stay.
  • No pets and party.
  • More information about free activity should be discussed with host.

Meet Your Host

  • Eki
  • Verified
  • Languages: Bahasa, English


  • Ninda Bella

    Tempatnya luas dan cukup nyaman. Cocok untuk rame-rame.

  • Dela

    Looking for private house for stay around Buah Batu? You can try this house, it is well maintained house, with sophisticated kitchen also bedrooms.

  • Sandra

    The host was nice